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Senior Restaurant Leaders Development Day

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Senior Restaurant Leaders Development Day

We live by the spirit of One Love, the universal love and acceptance of all people. At Turtle Bay, as you know, we celebrate individuality, recognise differences, and embrace the culture of the Caribbean—taking inspiration from the music, food, drink, and, of course, those chilled-out vibes.

We’re looking for general managers and head chefs ready to develop and grow their skills. Leaders who are people-focused, inspire and motivate their teams and always aim to do the right thing for their guests and team. Creative and ambitious when it comes to sales and obsessed with food and drink quality.

What is a development day?

It is an opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills and showcase business knowledge by working with other leaders on several activities and tasks.

Each activity, which will be completed solo or in a group, measures your ability in key management skills and behaviours.

The entire day is held away from our restaurants and will be hosted and run by the People with support from key senior leaders and members of the Support Centre.

Prework will be required before the day, including an application and psychometric, a telephone interview, and a business presentation.

Is the development day right for me?

The day is open to General Managers and Head Chefs with at least two years of service.

We are looking for senior restaurant leaders with fantastic performing businesses eager to develop their skills for their future careers.

All applicants must be brand champions and share our culture and vision. Broadly achieving business metrics across the business is also essential.

Bring our Caribbean-inspired warmth and hospitality to all guests.

· VG audits avg 85% last year

· NSP avg. 90%

· Sentiment total avg. 8.0+

Ensuring Turtle Bay is the best place to work in the hospitality industry.

· Stability 52%+

· Training sign-offs over 85%

· A strong record of development with internal Pathways.

· A full people story.

· Signed off as Training House or Regional support role.

· Site engagement score of 83 from FY22/23.

Drive LFL sales growth and business performance.

· Involved in supporting the region and achieving regional KPIs.

· Achieved PACE in FY23/24 or FY24/25.

· L4L growth in 22/23 or 23/24

· VG audits avg. 85% last year.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider anyone with a pending disciplinary/grievance or people/performance issues recorded in the last 12 months.

It's right for me. What should I do next?

Great! First, anyone interested should speak to their Ops Manager and agree to move forward with the process.

Follow the link below to Talent Funnel and complete the online application form. Several questions are asked as part of the application. The answers to these questions are important, so take enough time is given when answering.

· The application submissions will close on the 15th of May.

· Psychometrics will be sent out on the 16th and must be completed by the 20th of May.

· Teams' interviews will take place the week commencing 20th May. These are to ask further eligibility questions and explore application answers.

· Successful applicants will be invited to the development day on the 24th of May.

· The development day will take place on the 6th of June (location TBC)

What happens if I get through to the development day?

The development day aims to identify each attendee’s strengths and growth areas and support their career development.

After the development day, each attendee will receive structured feedback on their performance and a tailored development plan based on their development areas.

Attending the development day or receiving a development plan after the session does not guarantee a change in job role or responsibilities.

How will we measure you?

Several facilitators will support the activities on the day and evaluate all attendees’ performance. Each activity is designed to measure a different core or leadership competency. These competencies will ensure fairness and consistency when evaluating each attendee and enable the creation of targeted and personal development plans.

What happens if I apply but I do not get through?

We would love to invite everyone to the development day, but we have only limited places available. If unsuccessful, structured feedback on why and individual development will be set up to support future growth.

What happens if I don’t think it’s right for me now?

If it’s not the right time for development or the business performance metrics do not meet the criteria on this occasion, make sure the People team or the Operations team are aware. This will allow them to set some targets for the future. We will hold these development days annually.

Who shall I contact if I need support?

Unsure about development or if the business performance meets the criteria, speak to your Ops manager.

For support with Talent Funnel or the application process, please get in touch with

For all other support or questions, please contact

It's a lot of fun!

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